Our Family

Family of PT Sangkuriang Internasional

PT. Sangkuriang International experienced in providing the best products and services for You with our 6 family members which are, Salution (Sangkuriang Solution), Sagadio (Sangkuriang Studio), DAKSA (Data Aksara Sangkuriang), OborTech (Obor Technology International), SangByte Indonesia, and Devarta Kencana Indonesia. Our solutions are suitable to be applied in various of organisations and can be integrated in every organisational information system frameworks.

Salution (Sangkuriang Solution) is a division that develops its business in software industry. Salution’s interests are to help and provide integrated solutions to company, particularly in the IT field.

We have helped to develop a lot of IT Solution for the company. We always give priority to the success of our clients as the most valuable thing that can help us to always do our best.

  • IT Consulting
  • IT Procurement
  • IT Maintenance
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Sagadio is a creative technology division. We create to-notch interactive multimedia applications through continuous innovation.
We believe in great presentations as well as great technical features; and we stress this in every of our processes and creations. This resulting in solutions that are intelligent, engaging and artful in every aspect.

  • Virtual Reality
  • Interactive Multimedia
  • Game Development
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DAKSA is committed to provide services and solutions for electronic financial transaction system for your business needs, including integration of smart card-based system.

We have experienced in managing thousands to millions financial service’s users in a system with high transaction amount every month. Our service is very suitable to be applied to organizations with high transaction, such as, Bank, Financial Service, Insurance, Retail, and Wholesale.

  • Virtual Account
  • Switching
  • Payment Solution
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Obortech is providing software solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for clients to build enterprise mobility applications and software products related to ERP. Most of our products are built on a platform that we have, Obor Platform.

We have a vision to create the best software products in ways that help each of our clients by providing IT solutions and software products with the experience that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and many devices.

  • Business Support Application
  • Business Intelligence
  • Mobile Business Support
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With SangByte, we give our best to help your business or organizations process easier. It helps business or organization to record and identify all of business’s processes. We build Electronic Data Capture system, Electronic Identification system, and other as requested.

  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Embedded Device / IoT Development
  • Smart Card Development
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Devarta is a software engineering firm, which applies cutting-edge technologies, engineering excellence, and customer insight to design and build innovative user experiences.

  • Information System
  • Website & Portal
  • Analytics & Data Processing
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