Meet the Team


For PT. Sangkuriang Internasional, our employee is our partner, not just workers, resources, or assets.

Our partners are highly skilled in the art, with an educational background from some of the leading universities in Indonesia such as, ITB, UI, UNPAD, IPB, Universitas Telkom, UPI, UBAYA, ITHB, Institut Teknologi Del, etc.

Sangkuriang apply pair programming and knowledge sharing that supports the increase of partner’s skill and creativity.

Board of Directors

Oka Sugandi

Chief Executive Officer

Riza Ramadan

Chief Operational Officer

Simon Batara

Chief Human Partner Officer

Andoko Gunawan

Chief Commercial Officer

Eko Adi Wicaksono

Chief Technology Officer

Victor Junaidy


Project Leader

Rinaldo Davinci

Business Digital Transformation Specialist

Hari Santoso

Cutting Edge Technology Specialist

Dedy Wibowo

Field Operation Specialist

Anthony Tutupoly

Consultant Specialist

Danang Mangesti

Devops Specialist

Account Executive

Tinton Sanjaya

Account Executive

Firman Sach

Account Executive

Rizki Pytipaldi

Account Executive

Mulyana Syarif

Account Executive

Soni Setia Rahman

Account Executive

Gideon Setiawan

Account Executive

Septian Radiansyah

Account Executive

Dani Buldani

Account Executive

Our Analyst

Trisma Mulyana

System Analyst

Ali Fajri

Data Entry

Josafat Hutabarat

System Analyst

Jujur Sitanggang

System Analyst

Our Programmer

Egi Soleh Hasdi

.NET Programmer

Iyan Sopian

.NET Programmer

Fransiscus Mario

.NET Programmer

Yoga Adi Putra

Web Programmer

Revi Muharam

Mobile Developer

Faisal Aziz

Mobile Developer

Our Technical

Boyke Ariesanda

Technical Advisor

Fahris Mumtaza

Technical Advisor

Hendri Hasibuan

System & Network Admin

Lukman Hakim

Creative Designer

Sangkuriang Studio

Nita Aditya

Development Manager

Rian Febriayana

Vice Development Manager

Ibnu Abas

3D Designer

Kurniawan Setiadi

3D Designer

Our Best Partners