History & Achievement



17 Informatics ITB students started a group called Sangkuriang Studio. We still in 3rd year of our study. We come from many sub-discipline, each of us excels in one topic: programming, data base, computer graphics, software development, or networks. We gathered together to build something that can be an IT wonder in Indonesia. Just like the Sanguriang legend, which is Sangkuriang -the hero- who can build a wonder that fame still exists until now.


We started Nusantara Online, won Indonesia ICT Awards, participated in Asia Pacific ICT Awards

We decided to build a game named “Nusantara Online”. It was the first 3D Massive Online Game built by Indonesian. It got many attention by media, by community, by government. Some of the achievements are: the game won Indonesia ICT Awards, participated in Asia Pacific ICT Awards. The game itself is not just a game, it was the first game that combines entertainment, Indonesian history education, Indonesian myths and legends, and Indonesian culture.


We won Imagine Cup, presents in Presidential Lecture featuring Bill Gates

Some of our founders decided to enter the prestigious Imagine Cup competition. It is a worldwide software development competition held by Microsoft. We build an application named “Aksara” which helps people (especially illiterate people) to learn how to read, write, and count without teacher. This solution also gain much attention. Some of the attention is we invited to present our product in the Presidential Lecture, which is hosted by President SBY with the guest star Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft Corp). We were very proud of this achievement.


Enter IT service market

With the growing of our company, we need a boost in our income. We figured that what we need to enter IT service market, we started it small. We gave service to another IT companies which need helps in their IT service projects. Then slowly this division become the backbone of the company. The IT service division currently is the biggest division in Sangkuriang.



This year is one of the biggest milestone in Sangkuriang history. In May 5th, 2010, we incorporated to become PT Sangkuriang Internasional. We need to do our business more seriously. We started to settle in a good office in Jl. Sempurna, we started to build our management capability, and many things.


We created a subsidiary focus on Finance/Banking Solution

In our journey, we figured out that there is no Indonesian made IT products for Finance/Banking sector in Indonesia. This is a chance and at the same time an opportunity for our IT Service division. We decided to split this off to become a dedicated subsidiary, named PT Data Aksara Sangkuriang. This subsidiary runs very well, in 2014, Daksa is valued for more than Rp. 20 Billion by a Capital Investment company.


Expanded to Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia, almost all the money circulated in this city, so we decided to expand our company to Jakarta by establishing our Sales & Marketing Office in Tebet, Jakarta Selatan. This decision was right. In this year we break our grow record. We grew almost 400%, from Rp. 2.5 billion in 2011 to Rp. 11 billion in 2012.


Improving the management

This year is the year of reconciliation. Our business kept growing, so the management must grow too. One of the strategy is by strengthening the Jakarta team. We moved the Jakarta office to a bigger office. The CEO also moved from Bandung to Jakarta. Another strategy was to strengthen Commercial (Sales & Marketing) team.


Participated in CEBIT, sell a subsidiary valued $2 Million, created a subsidiary focused on Mobility Enterprise, and publicly audited

This year is one of the busiest year in Sangkuriang history. Many events take place in this year. Some of them that we proud are:

  • We participated as exhibitor in CEBIT, which is took place in March at German. CEBIT is the biggest IT exhibition in the world.
  • Daksa -one of our subsidiary- is valued $2 Million by Bosowa Capital -one of the largest conglomerate group in Indonesia.
  • We created a new subsidiary which focus on Mobility Enterprise called Obor Technology. Our financial reports and accounting is audited by a public accountant.


New Subsidiaries : SangByte & Devarta

SangByte, helps business or organization to record and identify all of business’s processes, such as, Electronic Data Capture system, Electronic Identification system, and other as requested.

Devarta, Devarta is a software engineering firm, which applies cutting-edge technologies, engineering excellence, and customer insight to design and build innovative user experiences.


PT Sangkuriang International is committed to provide maximum support for your problem’s solutions. It’s such an honor for us to always provide innovative products and services with an international quality standard to make you delight.